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Farmneed pro


Farmneed app is an enabler for smallholder farmers. It enables farmers’ access to finance, bespoke information on weather, disease and crop management. The simple app also enables farmers’ access to right input and creates market access. Farmneed is available in English and other vernacular languages.


Expert Eye


Farmneed Pro users are connected with experts via 'Expert Eye'. The connected platform hosts a number of agriculture scientists to offer bespoke solution at farm level. The system brings forth huge archival information about each parcel of land in front of the scientists while analysing a problem. It also elaborates future trend for that particular parcel of land. Hence, the scientists guide a farm flawlessly from remote location. The farmers can interact with scientists directly via 'In App' video calling facility.

Scout connect


Scouts are the trained local youth on ground to support the farmers at their doorstep. They are empowered with the native app called Scout Connect. This app connects the local farmer base with a number of scouts engaged in a particular project. The app also flags anomalies for affected farmers, which enables quick response ability for the scouts.




Not everyone has a smart phone. They too can ‘Access’ all the services that we deliver through smart phone. Digital Kiosks are installed at strategic locations to support all. We have our team at the Kiosks to assist farmers.


Primary Data
  • Geo location
  • Grower’s info
  • Land size
  • Crop & Variety
  • Sowing info
Periodic data generation
  • Weather data
  • Soil info
  • Crop data
  • Risk coping ability
  • Chemical use data
  • Harvest info
Analytical output
  • Geo location
  • Yield estimation
  • Risk coping ability
  • Impact data

Benefits & Beneficiaries

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